About Us

Pricotech Leisure Brands is an Australian owned and operated wholesale business with over 40 years’ experience in design, manufacturing and wholesaling. We have a nationwide distribution network, with distribution centres in NSW, VIC, QLD ad WA that supply over 160 retailers. Our national Support Office is based in Sydney, New South Wales.

We believe in the “one stop shop” for all of your wholesale needs. Therefore, we offer a wide range of wood heaters to suit all your customers’ needs. As well as an extensive range of hearths, flue kits/components, accessories, and spare parts. Over the years we have expanded our range of brands that currently includes Clean Air, Saxon, Kent and Maxiheat.

To help make dealing with us as quick and easy as possible we offer an online ordering system that not only shows you your FIS pricing but the stock on hand of the closest distribution centre. We also have an online warranty claim system powered by Salesforce to help you log and track your customers’ claims. Interested in becoming a Pricotech Dealer? Contact Us here.

Clean Air Wood Heaters Kent Wood Heaters Saxon Wood Heaters Maxiheat Wood Heaters


Pricotech Leisure Brands proudly supports the activities of Landcare Australia through its membership of the Australian Home Heating Association.

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